Size & Fit

 About SIZE:

  • It's easy to get a great fit, but you will need a measuring tape.  Find your precise measurement in the drop-down menus below each product, and then tweak your fit with the customization options detailed below.  If you have additional questions or just don't feel like reading the fine print, give us a CALL at so we can talk you through the order process!

About the BREAST BAND:

  • Choose  the ONE INCH breast band if you don't like the feeling of tension around your rib cage, if you prefer the way it looks, if your breasts are on the smaller side (A/B) and especially if you don't plan to use the suit for high impact activities like running or Zumba.
  • Choose the TWO INCH breast band if you need maxiumum support for larger breasts (C/D), if you plan to wear the suit while doing high impact activities and/or if you prefer the way it looks.


  •  Use the comments section of the order form (at checkout) to tell us anything you think we should know about your body, that will help us to deliver a perfect fit.  Maybe you are especially long between the top of your rib cage and the top of your shoulders.  Maybe your breasts are two different sizes, or unusually far apart.  Maybe you have especially prominent nipples and require an extra layer of lining.  No information is too personal.  Believe us, in this business, we've heard it all!

What Does "MADE TO MEASURE, CUSTOM LOOK" Actually Mean?

  •  It means that you simply take your measurements and we make the NAYAD apparel according to those specifics. To achieve a Custom Look, use the NAYAD Visualizer to select your top and bottom style and desired print/color combination. Your measurements and design choices give you an individual NAYAD suit, made just for you!